Thursday, 23 April 2009

For the few moments I had today, I spent them by visiting a few blogs, (didn't cover them all, will do that tomorrow or on the weekend, hee hee), but I love to visit, comment and just see how clever each person is with their beautiful work. Each one is different and just shows a piece of that person's character. The blogs that I mainly visit are those from my fellow buddies on Bubbly Funk. Always inspiring and always something different each time. You are such lovely people and I'm glad I've had the pleasure of meeting a few of you in real life, and look forward to meeting a few more on the Bubblies Retreat in a few weeks time. I'm blinking nervous about it mind, but excited aswell!!

I just thought I had to say that little piece above, I think I may have had one of my 'moments', lol.

Okay, all I have to show for now is the last two 52Q cards that I've done. I was up to date, but am now 2 weeks behind lol, but nevermind.

Here are weeks 13 and 14.
Wk 13 - Best or worst hairstyle to date.
For a bigger piccy of the little ones above........have a little look here.....
My worst hairstyle was this one.................... for some reason I had a very slight perm, I don't know why as my hair was still relatively curly and wavy, but it went a bit frizzy every now and again, plus it was exaggerated slightly in this piccy as it was a bit windy that day, lol.

I loved my hair during my school days, it was thick, long and I just, well.....loved it, lol. This was taken at my friend's house. She loved Nick Hayward from Haircut 100, anyone remember

I think this has to be my most favourite hairstyle, unfortunately the girl that did it, started a family and I never saw her again and no one has really done it the way I like it. It's not exactly exciting in this photo lol, but it was the cut that I liked, she just seemed to do it right. Ooh, notice the white bag in two of the photos.........? Hee hee, I seemed to take that bag everywhere, lol.

My week 14 was 'What was the last book I read?'

I used a book stamp for this, only just thought of it though at the last minute, lol. I forget the name of the manufacturer, but it's a handy stamp and quite versatile too.

So, that's it for now, I had better hurry up and catch up with the other 52Q's and some of the challenges/competitions over on the Fiskarettes and Bubbly Scrumptious Blogs. Thanks for popping by. XX


tracy said...

you are a softy beth :kiss: LOL
loving your cards and loving the hair do's.......but a perm on top of curls ??!!LOL

Angelnorth said...

You permed your curls? Must have had cash to burn, sweetie! Love your school hair and yes, I remember Haircut 100! That book stamp looks interesting, great job on these!

Karen said...

Awe are a love xxx oh Beth you have the most beautiful could you have a perm??? Mind you, I can't say anything as I had one once so my usual thick mop became a nightmare of tangles hahahahaha. When I looked at the little pic on your card I thought you had dreadlocks.....ooooops sorry XXXX

Karen said...

Oh forgot to add that I think that the book stamp came from Stamp Addicts. I have seen them use that on C&C XXX

Janice said...

Lots of lovely blogging Beth. Loved seeing the haircuts.

Kaz said...

Oh I loved Nick Heywood too!!

Fab hairdos Beth and I had a white handbag and white shoes too!!

Well done on catching up with those questions.
K xxx

Traceyr said...

Wow a trip down memory lane there Beth. Love your trousers in the first photo. I'd wear a pair of them now. :)

Great answers to Emily's questions - you and are are level pegging now.

Gez Butterworth said...

Brilliant cards Beth. I owned a pair of trousers exactly like yours! Looks like you've always had gorgeous hair to me. :)
Really wish I was coming on the retreat. You'll have a super time...x