Saturday, 18 April 2009

I've been looking and searching in my little craft room for a small tin to decorate/alter for an Altered Tin challenge that Karen put on the Bubbly Scrumptious Blog a few weeks or so ago. For a start, I didn't think that I had one anyway, but I thought I'd look and hopefully one would miraculously appear, lol. Anyway, for a few weeks now I've been looking and searching, but nothing.

When all of a sudden today, (whilst I wasn't thinking about the altered tin challenge), I happened to look over to the window cill in my room, moreso to just gaze out of the window and do more thinking, LOL, when I noticed in the right corner a LITTLE TIN!! I was amazed and wondered why I had not seen it before.
So, I thought right, I am going to use this. By the way though, I did have a tin to alter, (come to think of it), but it was a big lunch box tin and I would have taken 25 years to decorate that, so I left that one alone, LOL.
I decided to use my alcohol inks on this little tin. It's quite tiny, measuring approximately 2.5" (60mm) x 1.5" (38mm) x just over 0.5" (15mm) deep. Apologies if that was toooooo approximate, LOL!!
I used STREAM, WILD PLUM & LETTUCE inks and away I went. I left the inside blank and thought I would take it to work, place it on my desk and use it for change, should I ever need any spare pennies in work. I shall pop a piccy on the Bubbly Scrumptious too.
Here's my altered tin..........................

As for my 52Q's, apart from last sunday's question, I've now managed to finally catch up with the others. I'm glad I decided to keep up with these. I keep thinking of what they will be like to look over at the end of the year, once they are made up into a little (or BIG lol) book.

I also thought today, (I do a lot of thinking lol) that although with my first few cards that I did, I think I may have printed some of the text, it is only recently that I thought (including thinking today LOL), that I would use my own handwriting and try to develop my own style just for these alone. At the end of all of this, they are staying with me and if I do them without making them look too perfect, then they would seem kind of natural and would relate to the weekly question at hand. I don't know, I thought it makes sense to me, but maybe I haven't explained it properly. ;-)

So, here are weeks 11 & 12. I shall pop weeks 13 & 14 on tomorrow.

I used Rhonna Farrer Flourishes on Wk 12 and the owl is from one of the Bubbly Funk Kits a while ago.

Wk 12 - 52Q's

I used an Hero Arts bloom stamp for week 12, together with some dark/light small pink gingham ribbon threaded through a Bazzill Hillary coloured button. I swirled some pink and white spotted ribbon and used it as the stem of the flower.

Wk 12 - 52Q's

Thanks for taking a look. XX


Janice said...

Love your little tin, it reminds me of the one on the Crafty Calendar. Your 52Q cards are brilliant, my husband's snoring keeps me awake at night too lol

Hazel said...

My answers would have been the same for what keeps you awake at night. Love the altered tin - alcohol inks work so well on metal - it's gorgeous. x

Gez Butterworth said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...Beth you have been so busy. I just love your tin the colours look great on it. Something to cheer you up on your desk in work. xx
I love your 52Q cards too the front designs are brilliant & I like hand written notes the best. Well done on your great makes. Gez. xx

Unknown said...

Such a pretty little tin Beth.

Well done on using your handwriting on your 52Q cards. Too many people shy away from using it. It's a part of you, be proud of it!


Karen said...

oooo what a GORGEOUS tin Beth!!!! Thank you for taking part XXXX

Well done on keeping up with the 52Q's will be worth it in the end XXX

Carol Plume said...

What a gorgeous tin Beth - looks like the mint tin I used...great idea to keep change in the alcohol ink mix on it.

well done on getting upto date with your Q52's...

had to laugh about the comfy work shoes tho'


Angelnorth said...

Your little tin looks fab Beth - great job wiht the AIs. Great decision to use your handwriting on the 52Q cards - so much more personal than printing on the PC!

Traceyr said...

Wonderful cards Beth. Good to see you are keeping at them.

Lovely tin too!


Kathy said...

ooooh how lovely is that tin! It's super-lovely, so it is lol

I think I've given up on the 52Q......