Monday, 1 September 2008

Helloooo, bet you thought I was going to disappear again for another year, lol. Nah, I'm not really, just been busy with work and then finding the time after tea to spend some time on here.

I've been catching up with the challenges over on Bubbly Funk recently and thought I'd upload a couple of them. These are for the Tartography challenge, where we had to 'tart' up a very plain notebook/pad etc. So here's my attempt at that. :-) These were just the plain old A6 Asda notebooks that I had in amongst my craft stuff for a while, so it was good to use them for this challenge. Sorry for the quality of pic, I tried to squeeze these as near to the window as I could, lol.

Ooh, I have to tell you that I met up with Karen from Bubbly Funk on Saturday. Karen and her hubby Jeremy were paying a visit to Wales and called on us and we spent a lovely afternoon chatting. It was lovely to see Karen again, as the last time was at the NEC in November last year. Simon and Jeremy met for the first time and seemed to get on well. Well, what with the common ground they shared, ie CARS, there was plenty to chat about. Martyn brought down a couple of his model cars to show Jeremy, he enjoyed doing that too.

Karen brought the two monkies with her, I think they are called Tarquin and ? can't remember the other one, may come to me in a minute, things often do, lol. ;-) They were placed on our sofa, whereby Ozzy our dog popped up and snuggled up to them, bless. Here's a pic on Karen's blog.

So, I've been a busy girl using my brain this past two weeks in trying to fathom out how to create a watermark. I've had lots of help and feedback from my fellow bubblies on Bubbly Funk. They've been verrrrry patient indeed and I'm quite sure they could have easily screamed out loud many a time with all my confusing questions, lol.

Anyway, I've applied this watermark to the cards and 'makes' I've done recently for the Think Pink Challenges and a few of the 'Bubblies' birthdays recently, so will upload a few tonight and then do some tomorrow. Please bear with me on this watermark, it's verrrrrry early days, so it may or may not look right, or be the appropriate size, but any feedback is welcome, ta.

So, just popping on a few birthday cards which were made for the girls on BF recently.

Apologies if the spacing is way out, lol, but I can't control blogger at all. It will not listen, lol. It all looks fine till I publish it, nevermind though.

So thanks for taking the time to have a look my lovelies, catch up with you soon. XX


Karen said...

Do you know Beth, I am so glad that you are back blogging my lovely. Your work is always so lovely to look at. The watermark looks good after all your hard work. It was a lovely few hours together wasn't it XXX

Angelnorth said...

The notebooks look lovely Beth and I really like the "three panels and a bit circle" layout of those birthday cards. Well done with the watermark, too!

Janice said...

What a treat Beth! A chance to see my birthday card on your bloggie (yes, I was fortunate to receive one of the lovely three panels and a circle cards)it is even more gorgeous in real life.

Also the long awaited sighting of the Welsh Watermark - Woo hoo! Well done for your perseverance Beth.

Anonymous said...

Love these books Beth and your cards are great too.

Traceyr :)