Saturday, 23 August 2008

Well, my 3rd day of blogging, not that I'm counting though, lol.

I bought some new shoes a few weeks ago from Clarks and today was the first day that I wore them. I'll pop a piccy on of them, so you can see what they are like. I did say I wanted to keep my blog totally dedicated to crafting, whooops lol, but I just wanted to pop these one, hee hee. These sandals were rather nice and I don't tend to buy that often for myself, but Simon and I had money from my Mum for our 16th Wedding Anniversary last month, (he bought sandals too, lol), so they were a special treat.

Pics are a bit dark, but the weather hasn't done us any favours this summer, has it? Lol.

Anyway, not had chance to make anything at all today, been a bit tired, due to the lack of sleep, lol.

I said I would pop some pics on of a few more TP projects and tomorrow I will upload some birthday cards I made too.
TP Maze Book. The covers are a little bigger than would normally be used for the 'usual' maze book, but I had started making something previously for something else and never got round to completing it, so I used these thin coasters for the covers of this book instead.

This card was one for the DCM, which was to make a christmas card in June.

This was a DCM card from the (Daringcardmakers) and it was to make a card using images etc, that made you feel cold.

I also made a set of 6 christmas tags, this challenge was set by Karen and I really enjoyed making these too. You know how we sometimes forget to make our tags for the extra special presents, or even for any of the presents, so making sets of these could come in handy indeed.

This one was made a month or so ago for a birthday.....

I'm still trying to update my blog with more links etc and also I'm trying to do my banner, but am having problems, so it all looks a bit bare lol, but nevermind though.

Anyway, thanks for having a look, I'll upload more tomorrow sometime. XX


Anonymous said...

some great stuff there--Love those tags---are they embossed???

Hazel said...

A fantastic selection of crafting, Beth - and I love, love those shoes!

Karen said...

oooo lovely work Beth!!! Love the shoes...looking forward to seeing them irl XXX

Anonymous said...

Love that maze book Beth. Delicious colours. yum yum

Traceyr :)

tracy said...

well done beth,keep your blogging up :)

Chris A said...

Crikey Beth, you've been busy and they are all beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work Beth...x and I do love those shoes - just my colour too!