Sunday, 7 September 2008

I've missed a few days, I'm slipping, lol. My goodness it's so difficult to keep up since working full time, lol, plus on the weekend, I tend to cram everything in and then leave the crafting bit and visiting a few forums til last, as I feel then that I can settle to enjoy a little bit of 'me' time in relative peace. Not always though, ha ha.

Anyway, I thought I'd upload a couple of cards and items I made recently for the Think Pink. I hope to get these packed up and sent out to Di this week, though I did say I would be packing them this weekend, but have failed yet again, lol. Anyway, hope to do it later this week.

I am also a tad excited as I'm starting my 'A' level Psychology tomorrow, straight from work, 6-9, so am looking forward to that a lot. :-))

I also realised that I wrote a list of the 'ingredients' ha ha that I used for each card I've made, but forgot to pop those on, so I will update those as and when I can for previous posts.

One of the TP challenges was to make 2 cards with the theme "think of a number". So here's what I came up with......................

I also caught up with the chippy ribbon challenge too, but because I didn't have the appropriate findings, I wasn't able to make it suitable for a handbag charm, so I added a little brooch pin to the reverse, so it will be used for pinning onto something or someone, lol. The pin was very kindly given to me by Karen, well she gave me a little pack actually, so more than one, lol.

Our recent challenge this week was to make a card using brown/blue colours. So after a while of thinking and ponderooing lol, I came up with this masculine type card. These colours are lovely to work with and really do compiment one another. Thanks to Caroline for setting this challenge.

I bought these last week from The Stamp Bug and they arrived on Saturday morning. I have to thank Joanne for her recommendation on behalf of some fellow crafters. They are certainly very sharp indeed, so no more "is this knife or scissors sharp" testing on the tops of my hands anymore............yes, I do that from time to time, as you do.............or, as I do, lol. I'm not sure if they will keep the sticky off from the EZ mount, but we'll soon see. Even if it's reduced slightly, it will be a god send.

Right, that's all for now, thanks for taking the time to read this. Will be back soon. XX


cookcreateread said...

Ooooh Beth!!! Gorgeous stuff, but I particularly love the blue/brown card!! Lovely :)

Karen said...

Beautiful work my lovely. Be interested in how you get on with the new scissors XXX

Hazel said...

A lovely selection of crafting, Beth. Hope the psychology course goes well.

Kathy said...

Oh Wowo, Beth your cards are looking wonderful - and the "ribbons" too!

I'm soooo relieved I'm not the only person who's been guilty of testing the sharpness of things on their fingers. ouuuuuch!

Anonymous said...

fantastic work there Beth. I have never bought scissors specific for my craft work let us know how you get on with these won't you.

Traceyr :)