Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I hope the shock of me coming back doesn't hit you too hard, LOL!! I've been away for sooooo long. Lost interest in crafting for many months, plus other things in 'life' happening, I think it all takes over a bit and becomes too much to deal with. Anyway, I think my interest is returning...........though I have yet to tidy my room since the last time I crafted, LOL!!

We have adopted 2 small pets and bought 2 new baby pets. I will upload photos soon.

I've developed a craze for baking both savoury and sweet dishes, so will pop some photos of those on aswell. Does anyone else have crazy phases like that........? I also have the 'cleaning' phase at the mo, can't wait to get home and clean what needs cleaning, LOL!! Maybe I should be worried......lol?

So, to start my little 'ball' rolling, I thought I'd upload my thoughts in line with The Simple Woman's Daybook and see how it goes from there.

Outside my window... Cars passing back and forth.....

I am thinking......about unscrewing the handle on my oven grill after tea tonight.....Hmmmm ;-)

I am thankful for.......being able to feel strong in my 'mind' over the past few weeks....

From the kitchen.....left over Cottage pie with horseradish mashed potato

I am wearing......my work clothes, black skirt, black tights, white blouse/black jumper

I am creating.....NOT A LOT on the paper front LOL, but plenty on the BAKING front, LOL!!!!

I am reading......Living on a prayer by Sheila Quigley

I am hoping......that I will have at least a good night's sleep tonight. Hubby constantly snores and it is getting worse, plus I've called him all the names under the sun whilst he's snoring LOL, (although I don't laugh at the time)!! :-((

I am hearing......my colleague tapping and it's irritating me a tad, LOL!!

One of my favorite things.....lately, is giving my little pets a cwtch and a cuddle

A few plans for the rest of the week.....Working, but cleaning on the weekend............almost feel as excited as Hannibal Cannibal.......LOL, LOL!!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing: A Ford Focus ST.......

Thanks for popping by to read a little bit of news XX


Karen said...

YAY WELCOME BACK!!!! Awe I have missed you bloggin nearly as much as I have missed you my lovely!

Seeing as you are in cooking/cleaning mode ...can you pop down here and take over from me for a while??? hahahahaha HUGS XXX

Traceyr said...

As mad as a box of badgers haha Welcome back Beth!!

Your first post hasn't disappointed me in the madness of it's content! lol

If you feel the need to clean visit me I have lots.

Looking forward to photos of the new family additions :)

Sue said...

Hi Beth and welcome back - i've popped on here a few trimes waiting for your return.
Sue x

Janice said...

Welcome back to the blogging world Beth! Enjoyed your Day Book.

Unknown said...

Beth! How wonderful to have you back with us. Please remember to stay.

Lots of love xxx

Gez Butterworth said...

Woohoo! lovely to come & visit you Beth. :-D It's made my day.xx

When you're finished at Karen's & Tracey's can you pop by here? In fact I think I'm the closest? so you could come here 1st?

Can't wait to see the new additions to your gorgeous family.

Take care Beth we love you..xx

Angelnorth said...

Nice to see you around some Beth, good to hear you are feeling better in yourself - we'll look forward to those baking piccies!

Hazel said...

Great to see you blogging again and to read your thoughts. Love the sounds of the baking phase (not so sure about the cleaning one!) xx

TraceyT said...

Welcome back, I too am just re-blogging lol and have just re-connected to bubbyfunk afte being in baby land for soooo long chat soon hun xxx

Caroline and Jayne said...

Nice to see you blogging again x
jayne xx

Caroline and Jayne said...

Hope you Blog again soon xx
Jayne x