Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Helloo...........Ok, I have three more 52Q's to catch up on and then I'm up to date. I'm quite pleased with myself for keeping up with them, even though it has been difficult at times trying to fit some crafting in to my little 'time share' LOL!!

So, here are my two recent tags......................first, "What is my latest Obsession?" Mmmmmm, all I can say is YUM!! LOL!

Secondly, "If I had a free day to do anything, what would I do?"

I used some very old plain coloured card for these two tags. For the latest obsession qu, I used plain thick brown card and punched a few circles using my 1" circle (never? lol) punch. I then added some glossy accents in 2 separate shifts and used these as my pretend choccie buttons. Quite an clever idea for me as I'm hopeless with ideas normally, LOL.

I also noticed, after making the pink tag, that I said I would go to our nearest beach, but I haven't painted any water/sea, nuffink resembling the beach/sea at all, lol, but nevermind, it's in my mind, so that's all that matters..... ha ha LOL!! Plus, the white pen would not write very well on the pink card, though I did persevere, but it didn't come out very bold at all, hope it's legible. :)

Anyway, that's it for now, I hope you like my creations and thank you for popping along. XX


Janice said...

These are great Beth, you picnic sounds ideal.

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic tags Beth, love your fake choccie buttons and that chair looks lovely, I imagined the ocean even if you didn't draw it :o)

cookcreateread said...

Fab cards Beth! The second one brought tears to my eyes! Lovely :) xx

tracy said...

very nice...........don't take the buttons to the beach though LOL

Traceyr said...

Love your cards Beth.

Nearly up to date you swot. haha :)

danemi1 said...

gorgeous blog hun but oh noooo I shouldnt have peeped here - those choccy buttons look tooooo yummy!!!

TraceyT said...

Hello Beff ! Love your work, am off to back-browse your blog lol and catch up xxx TraceyT

Traceyr said...

Come back soon Beth.

Happy New Year lovely x x x


Traceyr said...

Beth I have awarded you a friendship award on my blog please come and accept it. :)

Caroline and Jayne said...

Afternoon Beth I hope you are well xxx
I love the choccie Buttons xxx
You should come over to and show the fiskarettes they'll love it too i'm sure xx
Jayne xx