Saturday, 28 February 2009

Speeding along..........

That's exactly what I've been doing today, LOL.

My normal pace is to plod along, in my own time, but today I seemed to whizz by quite quickly. Funny how it goes like that, don't you think...? Well, it is for me, lol.

Anyway, I came across a set of 12 'pink' inchies that I had swapped with some of the members on Bubbly Funk. They were all snuggly tucked away in a little clear plastic bag and I thought this is no good, (even though they'd been in there for 2 years, lol), they need to be made up and popped onto a little frame of some sort, so that's what I did.

I wanted to keep them as a set, even though it didn't look quite as right as it does when they are set as a group of 9, but it's okay, I'm quite happy with it, lol.

I measured and cut some sticky backed mount board, then cut a piece of canvas from a roll, painted this with some Deco Art Wild Rose pink acrylic paint. I used a cotton wool ball to apply the paint and just dabbed it all over the canvas, leaving a few white areas. I then placed it over the mount board and stuck it in place.

I stuck each inchie in place and then decided it needed some kind of frame around it, so (after a thinking for a long while, lol), I remembered a site I clicked on ages ago, (if I remember which one it was, I will put the link up) where a heart shaped punch was used to punch 4 hearts (nooo, never?) to use as a frame. So I used the biggest heart punch I had, about 2" and punched out 4 hearts, then scored each one down the centre and added some DST and folded each one around the 4 corners. These alternative photo corners look pretty when used with a scalloped heart punch too, but I haven't got one of those, LOL.
Here's a list of the bubblies who made the inchies.........from left to right:-
Caroline, Di O, Chris, Lynne Clancy
Karen, Rosie, ME, Di W (Crazy Daisy)
Kathy, Sam, Kaz, Chris A

I made 2 other cards today too, so will upload those tomorrow. (Can't get you all excited and fainting all over the place, can I, LOL LOL)?

Thanks for taking a look. XX


Janice said...

ooh these are lovely Beth, the heart corners are such a good idea!

Angelnorth said...

This looks great Beth, love the way you've left some white bits showing through the pink for the background!

CLARE said...

Great way to display your 'inchies' and i will remember about the heart corners - such a good idea

Unknown said...

Blimey! I'd forgotten about those inchies Beth! I still have mine somewhere. I love the idea of the alternative corners for your frame. Great idea!


Hazel said...

I love what you've done with these inchies, Beth. And using the hearts for the corners is a super idea. x

Di said...

Fabulous Beth, I'd forgotten about those inches, I must dig them out again.

Karen said...

WOW!!! I loe those heart corners...what a brilliant idea and just finishes it off X

Traceyr said...

These look great Beth where you going to hang it?