Monday, 1 June 2009

Haven't we been so lucky with the beautiful weather over the past few days? I have to say though that it is a bit too hot for me, so hopefully the next few days are going to be a bit cooler. I'm already beginning to look like a candy stick, lol.

Anyway, I've managed to catch up with 3 of my 52Q's. With quite a few things to catch up on, I didn't know what to start first, lol, but I guess I'll get there in the end.

I've managed to catch up on What makes me ME?, What is the Truth? and What is on your to do list today?

Apologies for the first one on the reverse of the card as I missed off the 's' on 'makes', when I read the title to myself, 'I tounded a bid like hiss', like I had a 'bocked dose' LOL!! Silly me.

Next is What is the Truth, probably not in the right order, but hey ho.

Third one is What is on your to do list today? I used the note paper that I had actually wrote my list on, so thought that would be a good idea. Not happy at all with this one, very plain, very boring. I just ripped it a little bit and even left my doodleys on it, as you do, when making a list, (well, I do hee hee).

I've got a set of triangular ATC's completed and ready to post onto Carol who kindly hosted the swap for us on Bubbly Funk, so will pop a piccy on later this week.
That's it for now, I have a couple of other things that I'm working and planning to work on, so hopefully I can show and tell (ha ha) those soon.

As always, thank you for popping by and leaving a comment. XX


Traceyr said...

Your tags are great Beth. Love the what makes me me great little bird on that one. tee hee

And the "to do list" one is very natural how these tags should be I feel.


Angelnorth said...

These look fab Beth, love the flower at top right of the first one and I think using your actual to do list was a great idea - not boring at all!

Karen said...

I love both of these Beth. I really like what you have put for the 'makes me me' and I know that you try your hardest to achieve that....your a star in my book XXX

Kathy said...

These are great Beth, and will be such an interesting snapshot of whats going on in your life when You look back at them