Saturday, 11 April 2009


Wishing all my online bloggeroo friends a very HAPPY EASTER.

Hope the easter bunny brings you lots of yummy chocolate to make you all fat, LOL!!

So, what's been happening.......?

It was brilliant to finish work on a very rainy Thursday, knowing that I did not have to go back till Wednesday next week, YAY!!

I've not done a scrap of crafting whatsoever though lol, been offline since Thursday too, so have no idea what is happening in blog land or cyber space come to that, LOL!!

I have got a couple of things to show and tell, a card which I made a couple of weeks ago. Now, I seem to remember I made this for a reason, either for a project, challenge (but I know it wasn't for a birthday), but can't for the life of me think what I made this card for. If anyone can decipher why after looking at it, please do tell, LOL.

My reason for making it, was not so much in the image, but for the colour, but I'm still out of ideas.

The materials for this card were:-

Maiden Lady - Stamp (From 'Just for Fun' - approx 5.5" x 4 and a bit)
Stazon - Ultramine. Realised I have had this ink for nearly 6 years and it's still going well.
Blue card
Blue Bazzill
Blue flower & Brads
Navy Blue 1" spot ribbon
Treading water border punch
2 cocktail sticks

I shrunk the maiden lady using white shrink plastic, then punched the border of the card and then threaded the cocktail sticks through the punched holes. Bit tricky, but if your careful it will work okay.

The other show and tell was the ORANGE inchies from the Bubbly Funk swap for March. I loved doing these and did 2 sets, just to make up the shortfall in numbers at that time.

Here's the set with everyone's creations. Thanks girls, these are brill!!

That's all for now, just a quickie tonight. Hope to be back over the weekend with some more. Need to catch up on my 52Q' much to do and so little time. It was too nice to stay in today in this lovely sunshine, so we all went out to watch some rallying and took Ozzy with us. I think he did so much thinking (cos in a strange place), it actually mentally exhausted him and all he's done is sleep since we came home, LOL, Bless!! XX


Gez Butterworth said...

Awe... sounds like you've all had a fun day Beth even Ozzy...Your blue card is gorgeous. Nothing jumps to mind tho! The inchies look great altogether, great photos. Thank you for making 2 sets. xx
Wishing you a Happy Easter & a lovely l o n g weekend. Gez. xx

Kathy said...

Happy Easter, Hunny to you and the family.
This is a lovely card - such a lot of work and detail. The inchies are gorgeous - I'm so tempted to start joining in with those swaps!

Traceyr said...

Lovely card Beth sorry I can't help you with what challenge it could be for. lol

The inchies are lovely altogether and yours are gorgeous.

Happy Easter to you and yours too. x


Carol Plume said...

Hiya Beth

Those orange inchies were gorgeous weren't they!

Love your blue card, but, I'm with the others I'm afraid, have no idea of any challenges it might fit.

Hope that you had a lovely Easter, sounds like Ozzy had a good day...xx

Janice said...

Great post Beth, thanks for sharing with us.

Hazel said...

The blue card is fab - love it. And don't the inchies lovely all together like that? x

Angelnorth said...

Fab idea with the cocktail sticks Beth, they look brilliant! Love the repeated face shrunk down for the flower centre too - excellent card!