Monday, 2 February 2009

Crazy Wonderings....

Firstly, I wanted to thank Gez for 2 awards given to me, gosh it's like being on telly......okay, perhaps it isn't, LOL! I think I may need to pop it on here, I don't know, I'm not used to doing this award thing, so I will have to find out tee hee. Maybe I need to award someone now or answer some questions? I shall pop back on my next post and say a few words about receiving this award.

Anyway, I'm quite surprised at the fact that I'm still keeping up-to-date with Emily's 52Q's!! I really thought that I would start off making the first two weeks, then slowly drift off and not continue anymore, but.....................nope, I'm still doing it and quite pleased with myself too, tee hee.

So, this is my Wk 4 "What do I see when I look in my eyes?" Again, lighting is not good and the flash makes it even worse, so I opted for the help of Mr Levels in PS2, LOL!!

I haven't journalled "a part" of what I see when I look in my eyes, as I felt it was too personal to relay on here, I expect some of you may think like that yourselves and well, there is nothing wrong with that.

So, I've journalled another part of what I see when I look in my eyes. It's kind of crazy, hence the way I've made this card, it's kind of "all over the place", lol.

Recipe for this weeks card's ingredients is:

Basic Grey - Color Me Silly - Giggle cardstock
Bazzill Trio Monochromatic Bahama Blue card
Bazzill Trio Monochromatic Limeade card
Versa Color Cube - 26 Boysenberry ink
Acrylic Paint Dabber in Lettuce
American Crafts square patterned ribbon
MM Brads
Not sure of the name of the paper/money type silver holder......?
Thanks for popping by and taking a look. XX

Back soon.


Janice said...

It's lovely Beth. Thank you for sharing!

Angelnorth said...

Fabulous, love those Prima froggy peepers!

Hazel said...

It's great, Beth! Congrats on receiving the awards. x

Gez Butterworth said...

Awe, Beth don't worry about your awards. It was lovely to give them to you. xx

Your 52Q card is gorgeous. It looks so warm & tropical on such a freezing cold day.

Keep warm.
Gez. xx

Traceyr said...

Very yummy that card and know what you mean about keeping some of the journalling private.

So glad you are keeping at it. x


Karen said...

ooo what a lovely sunny tag!!! Love it XXX